Anthony really enjoyed attending your Christmas, March Break and pre tryout camps this past year. Your ability to provide a competitive and fun environment, has brought out the best in Anthony and have allowed him to make great strides in climbing the ranks of rep hockey in a short period of time. Anthony particularly enjoys the way you incorporate games and competitions into the training and your engaging style ensures your students are always comfortable and having fun. He looks forward to working with you in the future and I would be happy to provide a reference to anyone that is considering your services.

– Adrian Viscardis


Carter had a fantastic time. He was originally signed up for only 3 days and wanted to attend the entire week. He seems to have learned a lot and met new friends. He was excited to attend every day.

– Linda Bickle


Connor’s game has improved dramatically. Our team has gone from last to 4th place in the regular season, to first place in the playoffs. Thanks Carson.

– Dave Chevrette


Luke has really enjoyed this camp, he has told me about some different things that you and your instructors have pointed out to him. Thanks for a great week!

– Scott MacMillan


When working on the ice, Carson has a unique ability to make ALL kids feel like a star. He is patient and passionate about what he does, everyday bringing out the best in the kids he works with. We have worked with Carson just over a year and my son has moved from House League to A rep level. I know my son values the time and effort that Carson has put in and looks forward to each and every session with him.

– Kelly Simms


My son Liam has attended Carson’s camps and he always has nothing but great things to say about Carson and his camps. At the end of the camps he always wants more as he has always had a great experience. Carson has also attended my sons practices for one on one goalie training, he is always there and ready to work even at the 6 a.m. practices! I have seen the results of Carsons work with my son as he is constantly improving and cant wait for his next session with Carson. Excellent work Carson, keep it up.

– Paul Stuart


Jeremy enjoyed your camp. He said they worked non stop and he was never bored. In my books you can’t do any better than that. Keeping a 12 year old involved all day is not easy. He came home tired but feeling good about the work he had done. Jeremy said all the instructors were great. As for recommending you we would absolutely recommend you for your camps and for weekly training. Please keep sending any info on your future camps and training times. Again thank you.

– Liz Jackson


He did the HL evals on Saturday and he was amazing! Player gear but goalie skates (certainly stood out!) but he skated like it was downhill with a following wind.He certainly gave it his all and the skating practice he got with you obviously made a difference! He was selected to do the Upper Tier eval which was yesterday, again did well but the backwards is what stood out! His coach from last year was stunned and very proud as he left the group standing!! Neither of us was expecting that! The biggest thing Ethan get out of the camp, is Confidence. He grows each time and just loves being with the other goalies, I think he feels at home -kindred spirits and all that! He picks up little tricks and adds it to his growing repertoire. I get a happy boy that has so much fun and brims with confidence and enthusiasm at the end of it, so thank you for that. He has been putting 120% in to all of his sessions and is always up for more (as proved by the 6am, 9am and 2pm he was on ice yesterday!) Would I recommend you….well I guess so! No seriously, at the level he is at currently, if he’s happy to go, happy to work and improving I can’t ask for more. You make it ‘cool’ and fun so he always wants more, there’s no better recommendation than that!

– Yvette Young

This camp is both challenging and fun. We have seen improvement in our sons skills. A great deal is taught, by well qualified instructors, in a short period of time. In addition to that, Carson’s approach has the effect of building confidence and self-esteem in the goalies. Looking forward to the next camp. Keep up the good work

– Rob Marsh


Another great camp Carson! Ben loved the drills, the games and the video review sessions. Every camp he absorbs more and more. And what a great way for his co-goalie and him to bond before the season starts. First practice they both were proudly sporting their Carson Bird jerseys.

– Jane and Mike Toner


Carson is able to connect and inspire kids in a way that brings out the best of their abilities. I would highly recommend Carson Bird Goalie School !

– Jennifer O’Brien


I  just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing goalie instructor. I enjoyed how you pushed me to my limits even though I didn’t like it at that moment haha. I know I’ll be happy during my first team practice this Wednesday when I’m skating with ease and stopping all the shots. Even though my legs are sore right now, I know I’ll be thanking you later!

– Kelly Warburton


My son Liam attended the Pre-Tryout Camp offered by Carson Bird Goalie School and absolutely loved it! That in itself is the best compliment I can pay Carson and his staff. When my son comes away from any type of learning environment with a smile on his face, I can’t help but smile too knowing I made a wise choice.

Right from the start I was very impressed with everything about the camp. Carson has lots of support staff to assist him on and off the ice, resulting in a well run and organized camp. My son really liked that before any drills even started, a full explanation and demonstration of each drill took place (something he says is usually lacking at other camps he has attended). “I wasn’t confused for a change” he says to me.

The ratio of instructors to goalies was outstanding, and the amount of feedback I witnessed being given to the goalies was impressive. The ratio of goalies per net was also really low, meaning more time to practice skills and less time sitting around. I believe he learned more from these 3 hours of instruction than he has learned in twice the amount of time in the past.

Carson also impressed me with his level of maturity…he is well beyond his years when it comes to his attitude and professionalism. Carson relates well to the kids and they seem to really listen to him…one area where his age is really an advantage. I hope we will be able to attend Carson’s camps in the future again, and I know Liam is excited about the prospect of going.

I would highly recommend Carson to anyone looking for high level goalie instruction at a very reasonable price. I think you will be as impressed as I was. Thanks Carson!

– Mark Cresswell


Carson has been instrumental in the development of my son’s goaltending. This was Aidan’s first year playing goal and because of Carson he has already made the jump from House League to select. Carson has instilled the necessary fundamentals into my son’s game and each and every time Aidan is on the ice you can see Carson’s influence and Aidan’s game improve immensely.

Carson is also fantastic with my son.  Although I have played goal for over 20 years, my son will only do something if ˜Carson says so…”  Aidan looks forward to each and every practice with Carson and is excited to learn new techniques.  Before every practice I hear, with excitement˜ is Carson going to be there?  The excitement and improvement is a testament to Carson’s teaching skills and how he can relate to a young developing goaltender.

I would highly recommend Carson to any parent who wants to take their child’s goaltending to an elite level or if they just want the basics to have fun on the ice.

– Dave Stevens